Another Planetary Resources video on rocket propellant from in-space water.

This Planetary Resources video describes the market in space for rocket propellant produced from in-space water.


Why In-Space Resources are Important

This excellent video from Planetary Resources explains the importance of using resources in space in contrast with bringing from the Earth. The 2 minute youtube video is a MUST SEE !

Lunar COTS : The Path to Sustainable Space Development – Sign the petition

Lunar COTS is modeled after NASA’s COTS – Commercial Orbital Transportation Services.  “Lunar COTS (LCOTS) is a term to describe a public-private funding approach for the development of a infrastructure based upon the use of lunar polar ice to facilitate transportation throughout cis-lunar space. It would be the logical follow-on approach to NASA’s current commercial partnership programs.”  Go to the website ( read and sign if you agree.

Microwave Water Extraction from the Moon, Mars, and Asteroids.

Our microwave water extraction method is adaptable to many “planetary” bodies including our moon, Mars, and asteroids.  A paper was presented by Dr. Ethridge at the Mars Program Planning Group meeting “Concepts and Approaches for Mars Exploration” June 2012 at the Lunar Planetary Institute

“Microwave Extraction of Volatiles for Mars Science and ISRU”    Microwave heating can be used to liberate volatiles from regolith by heating in situ.  The greatest advantage of microwave heating for volatiles extraction is that excavation can be greatly reduced and the process is less complex than other methods.